Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Story Of My Monday As Told On A Wednesday

...rainy days and Mondays always get me down... 
~ The Carpenters 

Well, not usually....I generally love rainy days {I was raised in San Diego where when it rained we all ran to the window and gazed in amazement} and as for Mondays...I love 'em...yes I do...they are like a mini fresh know, new week, new to~do list {or...the same to~do list, but re~written on a fresh sheet of paper}.

I know it is Wednesday...and I know that I should let a Monday that had a rocky start go...but I wanted to share the magic of blog composition and creativity found in the most unexpected of places.

Who would of thought that an idea for a blog post {a goof~ball~o~rama blog post} but a blog post non~the~less...would be gleaned from a rainy Monday that was starting to get me down.

4 am  {Yep, 4!}  Up and at 'em

7 am ~ Wake the fam...make coffee, lunches, read email, feed the dog, feed the cat, wash dishes, laundry, mop floor, re~write last week's to~do list on a new piece of paper, chase dog down and retrieve my cowboy boot from her mouth {dog's have died for less}, check calendar, shower, put on cowboy boots {it is pouring outside and folks drive crazy when it rains so a horse might be a better choice}

8 am ~ Leave house to drive daughter to school and the 7 month old lab that tried to have a cowboy boot with her morning coffee knocks me down!!!  I announce to the world {or at least the neighbors within a three block radius} just how happy I am about this, I get into the car and my daughter is not sympathetic and I tell her that we are not listening to Hanna on the way in...we are listening to the 40's station...{she, of course is thrilled}, and off we go on our less than merry way.

8:15 am ~ Kiss 12 year old good bye and she tells me to have a better day...and good golly with the sweet smile she gave me and the gentle touch on my hand...well why wouldn't I? {I love this kid!}

8:20 am ~ Run into same school for a quick meeting...

9 am ~ Park in Office Depot parking lot and pop in to buy a box...but first...take a big, fat fall on the wet know the kind....the kind where first you try to recover...swinging your arms around like a gymnast but then just giving in to gravity and down you go...but Monday's fall had the added bonus of my feet with the chewed on cowboy boots going up in the was the kind of fall that you would normally do if you were laughing with friends and you KICK your COWBOOT BOOT covered FEET UP IN THE AIR WITH ATTITUDE.

Good was only 9 am!

Still pouring outside and believe it or not...I am still optimistic about the down pour...I head on over to Michael's...gonna turn this day around...only good things happen at Michael's..right?


9:20 am ~ Walk {carefully and SLOWLY} I quickly find exactly what I am looking for and dash {carefully and slowly} to checkout and I am served by the sweetest gal that asks me how my day is going and I tell her that I have been on the ground TWICE today and it isn't even 10 am!  We had a laugh and told her that I am slowing down and being more careful for the rest of the day...and she added that when you slow down you see things along the way that you otherwise would have missed...she was right.

Here is the post I wrote in my head while walking carefully and slowly to the car in the rain still with my trusty cowboy boots...yee ~ haw sisters.

Mother Nature ~ The Queen Of Decoupage  

Even Mother Nature loves decoupage to enhance her Autumn decor.  She is so good at delightfully  applying it in otherwise unnoticed places like on wet cars, damp windows and drenched parking lots...she deserves the title of "Queen of Decoupage"...Cha, cha, cha.

  Taking the sweet gal from Michael's advice...I slowed down and look what I noticed...

They were everywhere...

The fall leaves....not washed away too quickly...sometimes I love a long good~bye...

Delight found..even in a wet parking lot...

Can you imagine what folks were thinking while I was taking pictures of the ground?

...after kicking my heels up at Office Depot earlier this morn... 

Red leaf...

At the end of this day...a rainy day and a Monday didn't get me down.

Lesson ~ If you are going to turn around a bad start to your day...cowboy boots really help.

Smiles ~ Ramona 

Note to readers ~ No seven month old cutie~pie black labs were harmed while writing this post...I'm just saying. 


Lou Cinda said...

What a cute post!! So glad you weren't hurt and had the attitude to stop and "smell the roses"!

Have a great rest of the week and BE CAREFUL!!

Lou Cinda

Stacey said...

What an adorable post and you are so clever to turn it around that way! I'm glad you didn't get hurt on your big boots in the air fall. I will always remember the queen of decoupage when it rains...which it might any minute now. :)

Darlene said...

Oh my word I was sooooo scared you were going to tell us you broke something!!! I am so glad you didn't get hurt when you fell. Stacey is right cause the Queen of Decoupage will definitely be in my head when it rains....and being about 1 1/2 hours away from is definitely looking like rain here too. Oh, and I usually see about 4:00 in the morning because Lucy usually wants to go out to the bathroom about that time. Usually I can fall back asleep for a couple more hours, but not always.

Hope the rest of your week goes smoother (and you don't land on the ground ANYMORE!!!!).♥

Shelia said...

Hi Ramona! Oh, poor one! I'm sorry you had such a falling down bad start to your Monday! Hope you're not sore and achey!
I have heard that saying so many times and it is true! We can miss so much of the 'little stuff' when we're always in a hurry.
I like those cowboy boots and glad no harm came to your puppy! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh you had me smiling from ear-to-ear! What a great post, and I'm so glad you could turn your day around by simply noticing leafs on the parking lot. Just goes to show that there is more than one reason why we need to slow down! Great post! laurie

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

What a wonderful post. Just what I needed today. : )
Glad you're OK, with nothing broken.