Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Gratitude Ten

What a wonderful week...and in Oregon, March came in like a lamb and is going out like a lion.....well has been snowing off and on all Spring Break week...and even though it is 35 degrees outside at the moment, a large robin still takes a bath in the bird bath....brrrrrrrr! Nope, there will be no smelly dirty birds flying around today, snow or no snow.

This weeks gratitude ten focuses on family. I am the oldest of three daughters. We are only separated by a couple of years and are all truly Scottish, Irish, Norwegian through and through...Amen.

My husband, Don...strong, very, very witty and very, very funny, loving, generous, supportive wonderful provider, handsome, he totally has my back, stubborn as the day is long and a great kisser.

My oldest son, Jeff...extremely funny, extremely bright, compasionate, courageous, industrious, handsome, loves his mother, and my miracle baby.

My oldest daughter, Stephanie..beautiful, smart, go-getter, gigantic heart, imagination galore, teacher, wonderful big sister, did I mention...beautiful, best friend, great style, and my girl for sure.

My youngest son, Matt...a total stud, soldier, brave...brave...brave, amazing sense of humor, a "Matty Daddy" to his baby sister, big heart, squared away...totally, loves his mother too, great head on his shoulders, artist, handsome and then some.

My youngest daughter, Abbie...our 40th birthday surprise, very bright, cutie pie, high morals, compasionate heart, flute player, our baby, joy, joy, joy, great smile, the heart of our family.

My Mother, soft place to land, beautiful, smart, and a smarty pants, funny, loving, wonderful mother, petite, creative, the one who taught me to cook, bake, sew, crochet, garden, love and how to be a good mother.

My sister, Connie...creative, artist, beautiful, fantastic gardener, very bright, extremely energetic, animal lover, good wife, good mother.

My baby sister, Michele...very artistic, wonderful with children, funny, and like her big sister...a total smart ass...thank God, helpful, great supporter of my blog (thank you), smart, very smart, beautiful.

Nine and Ten.
These last two are for my dear, dear Father, Tom..who passed away nine years ago. As I said in his eulogy, a piece of him is living on in the personalities of his six grand children. An amazing man, funny, friend to all and I mean all, oceanographer, sailor, veteran, handsome, loving, great salad maker, loved his work, loved his children, loved his grandchildren, loved his wife ~ my mother, one of the "good guys" gold standard.

Have a fantastic week ~ ta, ta for now dear friends.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thoughts on Roosters

I love roosters.......a lot. I have realized, of late, that maybe there are too many around the joint...maybe....and I find it a bit curious that I have not grown tired of them as I have with the bunnies and sunflowers in my past. Here's the deal, I love roosters. Though I have stopped buying them I find that I still want them around the house. My favorite is a carousel rooster I found and brought home many, many moons ago. I love this large bird. I want to be buried with it someday. I don't think my family really understands my love for this particular large chunk of wood....but that don't matter much to me...because they know me and to know me is to love me...and my rooster. Cock-a-doodle-doo!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Was Just Thinking...

I was just thinking about how I love to see "words" in decorating. I love the alphabet. I love to doodle and what do I love to doodle? Yep, the alphabet. I have even created some of my own original fonts. When I was younger I would receive awards in school for penmanship...the art of fine handwritting. I love the alphabet. The song about it ain't half bad either.

I stenciled a favorite quote on our nook wall. "Thou shalt sit on a cushion and sew a fine seam and feed upon strawberries, sugar and cream." I love this was stenciled in our kitchen of our old house too. I don't really know why this speaks to me so.....because, although I sew a lot of seams....seldom are they fine and I prefer my strawberries straight cream and for heaven's sugar. Nonetheless, I do love this quote....must be the thing about sitting on a cushion....that I know how to do quite well, thank you very much.

Ta, ta for now!


Monday, March 24, 2008

This Week Only ~ The Monday/Sunday Gratitude Ten

Happy "day after" Easter to all. Our day was filled with lots of chocolate, this and that, and a yummy meal with a "indoor" egg hunt as our happy ending. Yep, the good ol' Northwest...45 degrees and pouring rain...just made for a cozy indoor Easter...and thank goodness that a chocolate bunny tastes the same weather it is sunny or not.

As I puttered about the kitchen, preparing our holiday meal, I found myself working with gratitude ~ how blessed I am to work in such a "convenient" and "abundant" place. Happy Spring!


My fridge ~ Kenmore, Stainless Steel French Door...I love this fridge.


The "fire" sources in a modern easy it is to cook a meal...oven, stove, microwave...easy peasy!


A full pantry, freezer, fridge...


Fresh water, hot or cold, at the turn of a handle.


A dishwasher.


Recipes on the internet ~ I think of something I want to make, voila ~ yes, Google is everyone's friend.


The convenience of today's food....tomato sauce in a can, pre-cut broccoli, eggs in a carton and not under the chicken, in the coop, across the lot, in the know, all those feathers.


Did I mention ~ Refridgeration?


My stack of old stainless steel bowls, neatly stored under the little island in the middle of the kitchen, so easy grab and whip up a dressing or mix a batch of biscuits, catch a leak under the sink....our older kids even used the larger ones as sleds one Winter....I love those bowls, nothing fancy, just perfect in my kitchen.


Lastly, I am grateful that my kitchen is the ~ heart of our home ~ no mater what is going on, even an extended family get-together, everyone stands around in the kitchen...even when the chips and dip are in the other room....the kitchen is where they want to grateful am I...very!

Happy Monday to All ~

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hippity ~ Hoppity Easter's On Its Way!

It must be said...I love Easter. Now please don't misunderstand, I love all of the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, well most of it, however, I love the holidays that are just what they are supposed to day, one big shabang......Halloween, Thanksgiving ~ my personal favorite, the Fourth and sweet, sweet Easter.

I was thinking that I needed to put more decorations out and then I strolled around the place and realized that there are already many decor items all about. I love, love, love eggs. Painted, unpainted, decoupaged, stained, waxed, dyed, scrambled, hard-boiled, and especially...the imaginary ones that our little one cracks on my head.

I love the way they look in nests and in bowls and even in egg cartons. And, just so you know, I don't think it really know...what came first the chicken or the egg? Don't really matter much to sir!

Have a wonderful "LAST DAY OF WINTER" and here's to all of those expensive hard-boiled eggs bathing in vinegar scented cups of dye ~ Hippity Hop!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Gratitude Ten

Wonderful week....just flew by and I'll tell you, as much as I want Spring to arrive, I also want to live in the moment and appreciate each day. Slow down and really live in the present moment. These cool and damp late Winter days are wonderful for sewing and cleaning and reading and washing and planning and dreaming and baking and crafting and blogging and internet surfing~weeeeeeeeeee~cowabunga!

This week's Sunday Gratitude Ten is a list of the simple things that are so often overlooked but if were missing would be really, really missed.


The washer and dryer and the electricity to run them.


The space heater that keeps me warm and cozy when I am home alone so that I don't have to heat the whole house.


The abundant supply of fruits and vegetables at the grocery store.


Fresh water~my favorite drink!


The opportunity to volunteer.


Happy childhood memories~drive-in movies, the milk man, my mother teaching me to sew.


A car that always starts.


Taking care of my family with pride.


Being a woman that lives in America in 2008.


The endless "cute~ness" of cats and dogs.



Blogs, blogs, blogs!

Have a gentle and blessed week...Spring begins and Easter is coming~one can never eat too many Peeps!


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring Is A Coming

Yep....Spring is a coming ~ I can feel it in my bones. The sun was shining through the window this morn...then came the hail. Must be March in Oregon. It just makes the grass and trees greener. Just in time for St. Pat's Day! Top of the night to ya!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Busy As Wednesday, Feels Like Friday...Must Be Thursday!

It is so true. You know one of those days when you are sooooo deep in it that you really have to stop and remember what day of the week it is...that's today for me. My mind is completely around the yummy little "this and that" that's percolating in my ol' noodle and at the same time....the Fam needs clean clothes and some healthy good food to eat and the gift of my sweet personality and a gentle place to land~you know, it is only fair, right? They are, after all, pretty deserving of my tender loving care and I am just the gal to give it to 'em.

My day would move along more smoothly if I would turn Martha off...I don't need another cutie pie Easter idea swimming around in my brain....I have enough of my own. Besides, I haven't finished the Easter ideas she gave us two and three years ago. Stop the madness!
However, it must be said, do yourself a favor this year and DO make "marshmallow peeps" found on Martha's family loved it. A lot of work, but a big-time memory maker...and you know me, I am all about making memories!

Well, I am off to hop on down my personal bunny trail and get posting some of my own Spring delights! Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Story Goes Like This...

Well at least my story for the second part of my life. I had our first child, a son, at 25, almost two years later gave birth to our first daughter and then two and half years later our son with the cutest dimple on the planet...which does nothing to lighten his "baby face" factor. So along I went with motherhood....loving it, thinking that this was our family and when I pulled that last baby-proofing item from our home and clipped my last Valentine and when our baby, at the time, had finished the third grade with the best third grade teacher on the planet....well, we really thought that this IS our family...five of us...I even said to that greatest third grade teacher on the planet....and I quote: "You have been a wonderful teacher and our three kids are better people because of you...but, if you think that I am going to have another baby just so we can have you teach again....forget it" (I got a big ha, ha from everyone)....but guess what..I was pregnant with our fourth child and didn't know it yet!

Yep, our little Abbie-dabbie-do! Born five days before my 40th! And I am here to tell ya....what a blessing. We are a large and loud and blessed family for sure! And, I have said it before but it is worth repeating...I am NOT the oldest mom in the fifth grade!....But I sure do feel like the luckiest!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday Gratitude Ten

Okay, so here's what I'm thinking....there have been a lot of things to be grateful for this past week. So on with the list...and here's to a great week ahead with many a colorful blog entry.

1. That our eleven year old had a great bday party....and it was easy on us too

2. Wonderful lunch to celebrate my own bday with old friends....lots of laughter~charming waiter

3. Oodles of inspiration this week....lots of sketching and note-taking

4. Lots of beautiful weather this week

5. Exchanging emails with my dear old friend Deb....the best high school memories ~ ever!

6. That I am oozing with motivation

7. Daylight is lasting longer and longer each day

8. That it is warm enough to get out into the yard

9. That I have a yard

10. For every warm meal and every fresh piece of fruit and every glass of fresh water

A busy week sewing machine will be humming merrily along the threaded trail....all the live long day. Trust me when I say that there will be much glueing and painting and drawing and trimming and dreaming and stitching and blogging and be grateful for every minute of it. Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Spring Forward!

Now that's what I'm talking about. You just know that this will be added to my gratitude list. I didn't even realize that we are moving the clocks forward this weekend. That's right folks....Spring is a coming! I love this time of year when you see the trees starting to bud and you can smell the bbq's and hear the lawn mowers....and you just know that it is time to pull out that favorite bottle of red nail polish for your toes....its that's what I'm talking about. Amen.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday Gratitude Ten

What a peace-filled week I was blessed to enjoy. Our baby turned 11 and her day was filled with lots of birthday wishes from classmates and warm sunny and beautiful weather. She had a good was fun to watch. Now on with my gratitude list.

1. Seeing yet another large bird taking a bath outside our cool

2. Watching our 11 year old enjoy a wonderful birthday

3. For the dozens of Boy Scouts in our neighborhood this weekend collecting goods for
Good apparently proud of their mission

4. For glimpses of early Spring

5. For the reminder that it is STILL Winter.....I love the cozy rain

6. For all of my inspiration this week to paint and sew and glue and bake
and cook and garden

7. For the gentle and open hearts of good friends

8. My insanely hard working husband that is always taking care of us

9. That I know how blessed I am to have this family and all of my friends

10. For the breath-taking "Jesus Paintings" sunrise this it, am grateful for it

Have wonderful week....March is here, March is hear I can almost smell the grass growing and bbq's smoking and the side gate entrance to the Home Depot garden area will be open soon....but until then, enjoy today.....late Winter and early Spring hold such promise....God Bless!