Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lessons Learned From An American Soldier

Oh my good I have missed my little ol' blog.  BUT, I wouldn't have missed a moment of the past weeks spent with our Son who was home on leave from Afghanistan.  No sir~ree bob...not one precious, emotional, big huggin', jet~lagged, war story filled, sad goodbye at the airport moment of it...AMEN.

So before I get back to my regular AND {...get ready friends...} more~creative~than~every~before~fun~loving~blog~posts...let me share with fellow great people...what I learned from my American Soldier Son.

Simple Lessons Learned From An American Soldier

1.  Life is EXTREMELY precious.

2.  Honor those around you...because by the afternoon they could be gone.

3.  Pay attention to your life....PAY your best, because YOU are responsible for one one owes you anything!

4.  If you want anything in life....EARN it!  Learn, Train, Practice, Take Responsibility.

5.  If you get knocked down....GET UP and get on with it.

6.  If someone near you gets knocked down....give them a hand.  Say ~ "I HAVE YOUR BACK." And mean it!

7.  Be grateful for EVERY day....even the ones that break your spirit and your heart...because those kind of days are the ones that truly make you the best kind of human being.

8.  Sleep is PRECIOUS.

9.  Life is PRECIOUS.


God Speed to all of you.  Have a wonderful Sunday....I know that I will.  Even though he is back over there and we miss him so stinkin' much we can hardly breath...I am totally grateful for the honor and privilege of being his mom...and how blessed I feel to be missing him...yes, blessed...because we have this great young person in our lives that is so miss~able. back our regularly scheduled lucky we are to have this amazing creative outlet and connection....pretty darn lucky I'd say.

Big Ol' Tear ~ Filled Smiles ~ Ramona 

Monday, January 11, 2010

Creating A Small Vignette ~ The Pause That Refreshes

Believe it or not...we just took down our Christmas tree yesterday!


I feel a bit sad, a bit refreshed and totally feeling the need to decorate something.

When I feel this way...creating a small vignette is just the ticket.

I took the drawer out of coffee table...put the drawer on the coffee table...and filled the drawer with what~nots and what~evers...

Just fun things from around the house...

All they have in common is color...


The more juxtaposition~y the better...


Old spools wrapped with old yarn...


Game pieces...they are purty and if they are out...they will get played with...



 I paused, I created, I'm refreshed.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Have A Heart

I found a cure for the post ~ holiday blues...

Wanna know what it is?

I bet you do!


Yep, hearts...the sweet and simple logo for a wonderfully charming celebration of love.

With Valentine's Day just around the corner...I have been painting hearts on anything that will sit still...and like I always say ~ "I'm gonna paint hearts till the cows come home and when they do...I'm gonna paint hearts on them too!

Take a peek~a~roo~ny and my heart painting folly.

Simple ~ dimple...

Hearts and burlap...a perfect match...


Burlap~y sentimentalisms...

 This heart is for you...

One can never have too many of 'em...

Have a splendid heart ~filled day.


Saturday, January 2, 2010

I'm Doing A New Year's Cha~Cha~Cha


Yep, doing a happy, happy cha~cha...because this coming home on leave!

 He has been in Afghanistan since mid 2009.  His brigade has been hit harder than any other since the start of the Afghan war.

I know that he is not a baby, and I know that he is 6'3", AND I know that he is a MAN...but he is my BABY!

His deployment is one of the hardest experiences our family has ever gone through.  We are so proud of this brave man.  I am here to tell you that he has done the country proud...and you can sleep easier tonight because of men like him....AMEN!

I miss him so stinkin' much that some days I can't breathe....but not today!  He is coming home soon and I am gonna hug him till the cows come home and then I'm gonna hug him some more.

Thank you my brave soldier boy for the sacrifice given by you and your men!!!

 Smiling and Cha~Cha~ing...