Saturday, January 2, 2010

I'm Doing A New Year's Cha~Cha~Cha


Yep, doing a happy, happy cha~cha...because this coming home on leave!

 He has been in Afghanistan since mid 2009.  His brigade has been hit harder than any other since the start of the Afghan war.

I know that he is not a baby, and I know that he is 6'3", AND I know that he is a MAN...but he is my BABY!

His deployment is one of the hardest experiences our family has ever gone through.  We are so proud of this brave man.  I am here to tell you that he has done the country proud...and you can sleep easier tonight because of men like him....AMEN!

I miss him so stinkin' much that some days I can't breathe....but not today!  He is coming home soon and I am gonna hug him till the cows come home and then I'm gonna hug him some more.

Thank you my brave soldier boy for the sacrifice given by you and your men!!!

 Smiling and Cha~Cha~ing...



Darlene said...

I'm right along side you doing the cha~cha~cha dance!!! YAY that your beautiful "baby" is coming home for a visit. I know you all just can't wait! I pray for him daily. Thank you to him and all of the brave is a salute to you all!

Hope you are having a great Saturday Ramona.♥

Lorrie said...

Please thank your son on behalf of our family in North Carolina for his service to our country.

Savor each and every sweet moment Ramona!

Sue said...

Cha- Cha-Cha! So happy for you adn so very greatful for families such as yours that are willing to sacrifice for this great country. Enjoy each minute together!
Sue in NC

Stacey said...

Oh thank him for all of us! What an amazing thing that he is doing serving our great country. I'm glad you'll get lots of hugs to begin this new year. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Ramona...this brings tears to my eyes. I told Sara to look at Matty's picture. So many classes at good old Hiteon together. I'm excited for you. Love and Hugs....Chris

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Yea! I hope our solider comes home soon, too. I'm SO happy for you! That's worthy news to cha-cha over!

Saltues to your son...


Sheila :-)

kanishk said...

pray for him daily. Thank you to him and all of the brave soldiers.
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