Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sunscreen on my Uggs

Yes....I think I dripped sunscreen on my Uggs....and it is no wonder....for it has been the drippiest Spring and early Summer known to man here in the ol' Northwest.  I actually don't mind that much but it would be wonderful to have it be a tad warmer and show off the pedicure that I just had to have.

I hope that everyone is having the merriest of holiday weekends.  I am.


Because this time last year our youngest Son was deployed to Afghanistan and today he is on the way back home to us.  Slowly but SURELY he is making his way home.  Our Son is with the Stryker Brigade out of Ft. Lewis, Washington.

His Brigade was hit harder than any other in Afghanistan.  These men have really been through it.

God Bless them and the souls of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Good Men.
Brave Men.
U. S. Service Men.

It has been a year filled with many, many extraordinary moments.

Moments of prayer, and of tears, worry filled days, times of gratitude,
times of despair and always, always immense feelings of pride.

I recently asked my Son....

"How will this country every thank you and your fellow troops for your service?"

He said, "That is not why we serve, Mom."

Now that is sacrifice.

That is honor.

That is my Son...and I am very proud.

Sure does give this 4th a new feeling and new respect....and I am telling you...the 4th has never made me this darn giddy!

This happy, happy pooch joined our family last year around the 4th....
and I am here to tell you...she is the HAPPIEST dog on the block...
maybe even the planet.  When I say "happy"...she comes it is her name!

Happiest dog...right?

She is quite fancy too...just check out this la~di~da pose she struck for the camera....


I wish everyone the best hot dog roasting, marshmallow toasting, firework popping,
lounge chair rocking 4th of July ever.

Ain't America Grand?

Darn tootin' it is!!!!!

Smiles ~ Ramona


Lorrie said...

Ramona how wonderful that your son is on his way home!! Oh, I'm just delighted for you--my heart is so happy for you. What a great thing to be anticipating this July 4th. My post for tomorrow, July 4, is in honor of all those in the military who fight for our freedom.

And yes, America is definitely Grand!

Darlene said...

I am squealing with delight that your son is on his way home. I know you are about to burst with joy!!!

It has been a while since we have seen the pup.....she has gotten bit but she is still ADORABLE!!!

It has been pouring away here (from the remnants of Hurricane Alex) but for us with the fireworks that many will still set off, it is much better than the dry, dry conditions we usually have.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful 4th. God bless all of the soldiers.♥

Stephy said...

Was that the best 4th of July surprise ever mommy or what!? I love you, and I love this post! Lanie's face up close is hilarious. I miss you. XOXO said...

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I wish you your heart happy! ~

Laura said...

Hi Ramona-
I am so glad I found your blog this morning.
What a blessing to have your son headed home.
Tell him thank you for all of us!

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Jump Harris said...

Hi Ramona- I am so glad I found your blog this morning. What a blessing to have your son headed home. Tell him thank you for all of us! Laura White Spray Paint

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