Friday, January 28, 2011


Oh my, my....where has the time gone?  I blogged on an early December day and when I turned around it was a late January afternoon.

Sometimes creative souls, like myself, let our creative tea cups go empty and we need to regroup, recharge and revive our pot of tea so that our creative cups will run~ith over!  Cha~cha~cha!


I wanted to share a splendid little story about a moment a couple of weeks ago in the produce department of the grocery store.  It was one of those moments that gets in your soul and makes you really think.

This woman comes up to me while I was selecting apples and tells me that she loves my cowboy boots...."so do I", I tell her enthusiastically...and as I am about to tell her about how stinkin' comfortable they are...when she cuts me off and leans in and says to me..."they make you look fearless"...yes, she said... fearless.  It took my breath away.

Never thought of myself this way...but I like it.  The truth is...when I wear my boots I do feel a tad more spunky about everything I am doing.

Little did I know that my ol' worn cowboy boots were a mirror to my soul.

And, they are....I am fearless.

Smiles ~ Ramona


Stacey said...

Hi Ramona. Happy New Year!

Fearless is a great word and attitude to embrace. :)

Chris said...

Glad to see you back Ramona....I've missed you!