Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Costume Overload! noted, I am the mother of 4 folks....a son (man) who will be 25 this Friday, a really cool daughter, 23, another son (man-son) 20 and a Specialist in the U.S. Army and 5 days before my 40th...gave birth to the world's sweetest sweetie-pie, our other daughter...age 10. I know what you may be she the oldest mom in the 5th grade?...nope! So, her class is performing, Good King a week..and I am doing the costumes. I have a crew a gals to help, but I feel great responsibility to get the "bones" of the costumes in place. I am in costume overload...the more I sew and create, the more ideas come to mind. All the while, I am torn between sewing for the school and finishing up my inventory for my new Etsy store to open soon....maybe next week. Until then, I hear a bolt of muslin and a jar of glitter calling my name...Pure Heaven for sure!

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