Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Corsican Mint ~ Yummy Blanket for the Garden

While walking in and out of the back gate this morning...I was amazed to see how abundant and full the Corsican Mint had become. It was everywhere! Yippee!!! I love this stuff. If you know mint...and I am sure that you do...then you know that the stuff grows and goes crazy after you plant even just a bit of it. Ten years ago I planted one, yep, ONE little bit of Corsican Mint just inside that back gate and over the years it has spread all over the place...even along the walk out front! You can trot all over this completely wonderful herbal ground cover and I am sure that is how it spread and continutes to the spread all the live~long day.

It is a very hardly little herb that likes moist soil and sun...but I have found that it also grows well in a bit of shade. Great in zones 6, 7, 8, and 9...and, spreads like nobodys business! If you run your hand across the top of it...the scent that follows is just divine my dear. Pure delight as it grows over stones in the garden bed or cement statues or up a brick wall or across your toes....I warned you...this stuff is HAR~DEE!!!

~Happy Gardening to You~

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