Friday, May 30, 2008

Sometimes Getting "Benched" Ain't So Bad

Amoung all of my decorating addictions, collecting benches is the most functional one. Now, hang in there with me while I test that theory ~

~ You can sit on 'em

~ So can your cat...

~ It is a great place to put a glass of ice cold lemonade

~ Or a beer

~ Or a pot of flowers

~ Or a decorative pillow, or two or three...

~ You can use them as extra seating at Thanksgiving

~ Moving the inside benches to the outside and
the outside benches to the inside is just plain fun and pure silly~ness

~ You can make a bench out of the head board of an old bed ~ totally cool!

So when you are faced with the possibility of getting benched...well, that ain't so bad...for sure !


1 comment:

Ms. Tee said...

I'm having fun reading some of your older posts. Such cute benches. :) Also, I just discovered Sadie Olive over in your sidebar - oh, I could spend hours there!