Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October, Sweet October

Spring shall plant

and Autumn garner

until the end of time.

~ Robert Browning

I absolutely love October...ahhh yes, I love everything about it. This month is usually when the weather changes {for good and finally} til Spring....from 90 degree days to cool and foggy and frosty and orange~y and golden~y and wood smoke~y and yummy and of course a tad bit rain~y...yep, it is the Northwest after all, and you gotta love rain. And I do. {Remind me of this post 4 months into the season}.

So yesterday it was in the 80s and tomorrow...the mid~60s AND, yep, rain~y! Cha, cha,cha! But that is okay because I am in the middle of my own personal holiday. I love fall and with fall comes Halloween and my favorite holiday of all Thanksgiving. Now don't get me wrong...I love the quiet respectful side of Christmas and all of the child~like sweetness of the holiday but the hoop~la {even though I accept full responsibility for creating most of it} can sometimes get a tad overwhelming...but not is one of those holidays that is perfect...and is just what it is supposed to be...Thankful. It is pretty dear to my ol' heart~ola.

Halloween is another treat for my soul. I have such fond memories from my childhood and I find it curious that such a quaint and neighborly festival still lives on. There is just something about knocking on stranger's doors and those kind strangers giving our wee ones candy....charming!

I started to put out the Halloween goodies....and I actually picked up some pumpkins for the porch and corn for the windows...I will share what I have been doing later....but for tonight...just a peek~a~loo.
Such a happy little pumpkin would
be a glad gal too if you were prancing about town with
a puffy collar...
Pumpkin tassel love...yes, love...
So tomorrow I am gonna be deep in it....pumpkins, corn, jack~o~lantern stylings of this and that and the other thing. October is here and I am going to enjoy every last living second of it or until someone steals the pumpkins from the porch...happens every year...everybody has their own way of celebrating I guess... little stinkers.
Smiles ~ Ramona


Darlene said...

Morning Ramona,

You are teasing me with those tiny looks at your Halloween decor. So far, LOVE them...that little pumpkin head gal....CUTE!!

I am with you on the absolute favorites are Halloween and Thanksgiving. I do LOVE Christmas but it seems like we end up in some kind of buy, buy, buy frenzy that I HATE...instead of the TRUE meaning of it.

Hope you have fun crafting away and I can't wait to see more, much more my friend!

Bella Casa said...

Man, I love that pumpkin tassel and the expression on his face is priceless :)


Ms. Tee said...

What a cute pumpkin. :) And I agree with you on Thanksgiving - it's such a peaceful, relaxing holiday. Enjoy the cool weather and your decorating/nesting!

Half of the Style Sisters said...

Found you through Bella Casa Blog. Love your Halloween decor! The pumpkin man faces are soooo cute.


Nancy said...

Hi Romona, Love the halloween decor...too cute!!! Nancy

Deb said...

Ramona, I love your blog. I found you while at the Style Sisters, and I'm so glad I did. You have such great idea. Can't wait to see more.