Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I have been so busy with our daughter's middle school musical and our other daughter's graduation from grad school...both this weekend....that I have not had a moment to do the blog~a~choo~choo...and it is my favorite dance!!!
Just thought I would share some of the fun I had with Dollar Store birdhouses, paper, twine, a pencil and beeswax...oh yeah...and finials!

I'll be coming up for air soon...and boy~oh~boy the catching up we will do...Cha, cha, cha!
Smiles ~ Ramona


Darlene said...

The birdhouses are so whimsical and cute!!! LOVE them! Hope you are having a great day.

I can't believe how fast we are flying to the end of the school year! We have a 4th grade awards assembly tomorrow night with Lexi....whew!!

Stacey said...

How cute! It does sound like you are very busy. Those are two major events in one weekend.

Hey, I planted a plate on my patio!! :)