Friday, December 18, 2009

And Now A Break From Our Regular Programing

I am just taking a moment to pause and in the moment and all...

Have you seen the Valentine goodies in the stores?  Usually it makes me think how fast time is going by but recently when I saw a red, pink and doily clad display all tidy, uncluttered and calmed me...a kind of "calm in the middle of the storm" what the who~ha is that all about?  A wonderfully received pause to breathe and live in the moment.

I love me a simple holiday....Thanksgiving, Easter, Valentine's Day, The get the picture....One day, simple gatherings, simple prep, simply wonderful!

So today before I jump back into the game~ola...take a peek at my "calm in the middle of the storm" going on in my sewing nook today.

Valentine folly...


Scrabble antics...


Ain't it the truth!


This puppy was feathered in a sweet ETSY Treasury today...


Everyone needs a key to a heart...




I hope that you find a peaceful moment of "pause" least the "storm" is a cinnamon~y, cheer~filled, wonderfully Christmas~y one!



Darlene said...

I noticed those beauties in your etsy store the other day. They are WONDERFUL!! You KNOW how in love with your pillows that I am.

How exciting to be featured in the Etsy treasury!!!

Glad you found a calm moment in the middle of the storm today.....

Jill said...

Awww, the way to my heart is with burlap!

Sandra Evertson said...

Just Fabulous! Love those pillows!
Happy Holidays!

Tracey said...

Hi Ramona! I adore your little burlap love pillows!!! And with scrabble pieces on them...too cute!!

:) T

The Quintessential Magpie said...

These pillows are absolutely adorable!


Sheila :-)

Anonymous said...

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Mystery Blogger said...

I love love love the pillows! You have true, genuine talent!


I love the Scrabble tiles!

Calm - Calm - Calm! I keep trying to tell myself that. In fact, today I am going to a yoga class to find a little of it.

Thanks for stopping by For the Sake of time and leaving such a sweet comment.

Have a Blessed Christmas.


Darlene said...

Hi Ramona,

I am wishing you and your family a VERY MERRY Christmas!!!! It is snowing away here. Our first white Christmas in Southern Oklahoma. At about 4:00 p.m. we have about 3 inches of snow. It is covering everything and still coming down heavily! YAY!!!!!!♥

Elk Lighting said...

That is so cute. Would you make me one. Sally

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