Monday, March 2, 2009


Melissa from The Inspired Room is hosting a sweet little blog party...thought I join the fun before the day is done.

I am chomping at the bit for spring cannot be sprung soon enough...

Here is my list running through my noodle while fluffing my porch...

1.  Trimming the wild and crazy ivy.  2.  Adding more broken plates to planters.

3.  You can never have too many bunnies.

4.  Hanging interesting do~dads on the house.

5.  Filling the do~dads with interesting stuff.

6.  Fill many containers with fruit.

7.  Place tasty herbs in chunky, ruffle clad baskets.

8.  Don't forget to cook with those tasty herbs.

9.  Make lots and lots of unique pillows for outside benches.

10.  Group pillows together in little pillow~clubs for fun.

11.  Top ivy pots with wooden painted eggs...tis the season.

12.  Hot glue yourself a little checkerboard pillow.

13.  Let inside bunnies out for a breath of fresh air.

14.  Paint a season welcoming sign and hang above your threshold.

15.  Fertilize the daylights out of your plants around your doorstep.

16.  Place unusual items about for eggs in ivy.

17.  Be sure to stand on your door step and breathe in the great night air...spring night air is like no other.

18.  Enjoy the smell of BBQs and lawns being mowed.

19.  Appreciate the changing seasons.

20.  Live in the moment...because it all passes too fast.

Happy Spring!

Thank you Melissa for sharing such a sweet party...happy spring to you!

Smiles ~ Ramona


tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh do I love that..."Meryy Spring"!!

M ^..^

Debbie @ said...

Ramona! I love your house, your porch, your pillows, your cute bunnies...the zoo! All of it is wonderful in a springy way! I love to see what you is ALWAYS INSPIRING!

linda said...

I love it all! Such creativity going on at your house...your an inspiration others!

Darlene said...

I love all your Spring touches you have going on around your porch. I still am LOVING that jointed bunny.....glad he got to hop outside for a breath of spring air. Everything is just beautiful!

Ms. Tee said...

What a cute Merry Spring sign! And the polka dot eggs are adorable. Happy Wednesday, Ms. Ramona! :)

Bella Casa said...

Ramona, do you have a store? Because if not, you need one! How cute was ALL of that??? Love those House pillows and polka dot eggs, wow!

I loved your sweet comment on my blog today about the Fleur de Lis, see, even your words are heartwarming, just like your creative touches. You are such a special soul, Ramona, I am glad to know you!

Bella Casa said...

I just tweeted about you on twitter and stumbled this post on StumbleUpon...hope it helps :)

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