Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Finials ~ Not My Final Word on 'em

Finial ~ noun ~ a crowning ornament or detail; as a decorative knob...you got that right sister! Crowning is right! When I add a finial as a decorating detail, and I often do, I aways hear a little, musical Ta, Da in my head...like I am crowning an item with the perfect touch.

I love finials! Yep, love 'em a whole, big bunch. They are one of those items that when I see them in a fabric store or at home depot in the fencing department or when I see an item that could be "transformed" in to a finial.....well I hear a loud TA DA in my noodle.

Ideas for finial "Ta Da" opportunities are as follows ~

~ on the end of wooden rods that hold quilts on the wall

~ on the top of fence posts

~ on the bottom of large terra cotta pots in the yard

~ on the bottom of chair legs {super, duper cute}

~ on the bottom of a dresser

~ on the base of a little bird house hanging from a tree {note my ETSY shop for more info}

~ on the top of a pincushion {total la-tee-da-ism}

Enjoy finding delightful finial placements in your home....I can hear TA DA's all over the world tonight!


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