Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Here a Quilt, There a Quilt...

Everywhere a quilt....yes~sir~re bob, there are many a quilt decorating this ol' house of ours. I love quilts. Most of my quilts are new...I do, however, have some that are quite old and tattered. I love those the mostest! The one that hangs on the wall above our bed is mucho worn and I just know that in it's hay~day that it was mucho loved. The corners of it are completely torn....LOVE IT!

I use quilts to decorate alllllll over our home. I have them hanging from racks on the walls, drapped over old ladders, hung over the porch in the Spring....that is my personal favorite.....it blows people away because they are outside ~ Oh My Gosh! ~ because they might get worn and faded and tattered, and moth eaten (yum!) and ripped and stained and generally beat-the-heck-up in the most delightful way....decorating joy for sure. When they get all worn I just think that they look more interesting ~ like they have a wonderful story to tell about their adventures in life coming across the Oregon Trail or something....instead of their true story....that a crazy gal in Oregon bought me at Target and hung me over the porch rail all Spring and Summer and the fat cats in the neighborhood used me to sleep on. Personally, the Oregon Trail story is much more fun to imagine.

Hang a quilt in an unexpected place around your home...you will love it....you know...the juxtaposition of it all!

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