Monday, August 4, 2008

Tweaking And A Putzing

So as I mentioned in yesterday's post....I am a tweaking and a putzing....which, by the way, are my favorite things to do. I think clearly and sing a little and dream a bit and have great bursts of creativity and all the while....smiling.

Take a peek~a~loo at what I have been up to in my neck of the woods ~

Creative little ol' corner at the edge of the sun room....

I crackle painted those puppies...did a sloppy job and more people go nuts over those old chairs...I just love they way they look.

Every room needs a corner for never know when the elves might want some refreshments after cleaning my house at night....right?

Oh my good golly...who let that rooster in!?!

Rooster overload!

A long shot....a work in progress for sure...

What....more roosters?!?

They're everywhere!!!

Well enough of this tomfoolery for a while...and back to the putzing at hand.

Have a wonderful Monday.

Smiles ~ Ramona


Stephy said...

The sun room really looks great mom! I'm glad you have this space for a creative outlet :)

Abbie said...

I love you mom your blog is awesome! It is the best blog that ever lived! You should blog about our walk we took to dinner on Saturday and post the pictures.


Chris said...

Hi Ramona~exhausted, but home. Sara's coming home today. Maybe we can get together in a week or so. I like all of your roosters. I just bought the running rooster at Safeway(in the garden department).Collectors can't just collect one boring. Talk to you soon...HAPPY TUESDAY.

Bella said...

I love your roosters!

Do you know what color is on the walls of the room with the clock and rooster lamp? I love it.

And speaking of rooster lamp, do you know where you got it from? I love that, too...what a beautiful home you have :)