Sunday, August 3, 2008

Making Pillows ~ Making Me Smile

It has to be said that I love to make pillows. Not just your typical pillows ~ mind you ~ well, I guess you could say that the pillows I love to make the most are...well ~ they ain't your mamma's pillows ~ please allow me to explain.

I love anything that is unexpected and out of the ordinary. Ordinary and predictable actually makes me a bit anxious. Isn't that a tad nuts? Yep it is, but so true....I just gotta have a bit of the silliness that life has to offer in my pillow making ventures ~ and for that matter, in almost anything that I do and...I wouldn't want it any other way.

So ~ for your consideration and delight ~ I share with you two of my recently made pillows...a soft place to land for sure.

The rooster pillow is made from a dish towel gleaned from Home Goods and stuffed with an ol' feather pillow that was marinating in my stash for years....I love this pillow and it is great for the ol' noodle when I nap.

The wee bit of a sun pillow is made from an old pillow case, trimmed with ecru lace, painted with acrylic paints and lovingly stuffed with buckwheat hulls.....sweet, crunchy pillow love for sure!

I am now off to putz the afternoon away in the sun room that my Hubby just gave back to me after he moved his office to another room....and what will I be dreaming about while I putz the day away you ask...why the future marriage of pillows and the unexpected....of course!

Smiles ~ Ramona


Stephy said...

Pillows galore. We have a ton of pillows in this house. At least we always have a soft place to land :)

Ms. Tee said...

I love your suns - on the pillowcase and on the artwork in your bathroom. Whimsical things are so much fun. :)