Monday, January 5, 2009

Back In The Saddle Again ~ Kinda...

"Reflect upon your present blessings,
of which every man has many..."
~ Dickens

Happy New Year Friends ~ 

It has been such an amazing~ly slow process to get back into the swing of things even snowed again last night...a lot...and our daughter thought she might have...yet ANOTHER...snow day...what!!!!  She had the whole week before the Winter break off because of snow...but, much to her delight {not} she went back to school today...with her bottom lip hanging low and sporting the saddest face the West has ever seen.

We had a wonderful Christmas and we had sooooo much snow that stayed around for days and days and then we were unable to get around town to do our usual family traditions...but they were delightfully replaced with snowboarding down the street, and trekking out to see Christmas lights and drinking mugs and mugs of hot chocolate...yum!

To add to the festivities I had a root canal in mid December and my dentist discovered my un~diagnosed high blood pressure....200/120 ~YIKES....I have never had high blood now I am in the process of getting this under control and calming the heck down and letting life flow over me...and start putting myself back onto my To~Do list...I just heard Oprah say this on the telly...but it is so true.

Let me share some shots of our holiday antics...ho, ho, ho!

An evening out with the Fam...

Oh my good husband is wearing his SLIPPERS at the movie theatre!!!

My reaction....he says that they are his Man Uggs...whatever!!!


JANUARY 5th~ola!!!

What the Who~Ha....time for Christmas to go beddy~bye...

Awaiting the decorating magic...

Projects to be pillow covers for the couch...and the shocker:  not drop cloths!

For my Etsy shop...

Valentine goes on...and on...and on...

I cannot believe that I am looking at Valentine what~nots in the stores...and I even saw Easter Peeps in Joann's today....CHIRP!

Have a wonderful week....I am really looking forward to a wonderful can it not be here in blog~ville with all of you to share it with.

Smiles ~ Ramona


Darlene said...

Hi Ramona,

At least your hubby was comfy in his slippers....just like at home! It's sad saying goodbye to the Christmas items but I am excited to be decorating with other stuff again. I can't wait to see what you will sew for your couch and not drop cloths...OH MY!!

I am glad your dentist discovered your high blood pressure so you can get it under control.

I am so excited to be blogging with you in 2009! Can't wait to see more decorating and projects of yours.♥

Sidney (Sixy Mama) said...

LOVE the Man Uggs!

My mom just discovered that she has high blood pressure - course, she's 77 and had not been to the doctor in 42 years...I kid not!

It does seem that we can barely get through one holiday before the stores are decorating for another..ahh...more projects! Can't wait to see what you have planned. You're my inspiration!!

Ms. Tee said...

Hey Sweet Ramona!
I'm just now back online and getting caught up. I've loved reading your blog in 2008 and I know I will in 2009, too!

Happy New Year to you! :)

Debbie @ said...

Hi Ramona, glad to see what you are working on...I am at a little bit of a loss what to do...I've put the magical Christmas stuff away and now my house is lonesome for fun...decorating...cuteness! Can't wait to see your inspiration come to life!

Linda/ "Mom..." said...

Dear DELIGHTFUL RAMONA~ After discovering Mrs. Tee's most DELIGHTFUL BLOG, I THEN discovered YOURS just now! Call me "Columbus", but I am having SO MUCH FUN discovering delightful places to visit tonight (have been down sick for a few days), w/ wonderful writing n' pics by obviously warm & witty women! Too fun! Thank you for sharing, & SINCERE THANKS to your son @ Ft. Lewis, WA for serving our country. (My husband retired about 5 years ago (Army), after 38 years of active duty~ yep, that's not a typo!~38, & I was proud to be by his side the entire time, but oh, what a joy "civilian life" "discoveries" for me still, everyday!). Blessings for a wonderful, happy & healthy '09 to you n' all your family~ Linda/ RMS's "Mom of a German Shorthair"

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