Monday, July 7, 2008

The Best Dog Ever!

He truly was our Best Dog Ever! We had to say a final good~bye to our beloved August Henry...fondly called Gus. He was a hefty thirteen year old beagle that would give you a high~five if you said..."Hey there Gussy ol' boy, give me a high~five!" He was an original and a total a hound dog sort of way....'cuz in the end....he ain't nothing but a hound dog....rockin' all the way!

He loved and was loved by our cats. The night before Gus died they all sat around watching him while he slept...I think that they knew that he wasn't long for this world. He used to wrestle with was truly a crack~up to behold. They were BFFs for sure.

He captured the hearts of all who met him. He would always greet you when you came home with all of the excitement in the world...and his delight was the same whether you had been gone five minutes or five years. He used to chase the cats away from their food in the morning...he loved cat food...and he would eat the 'last bite' of my morning banana....good gosh, I miss him so.

So good~bye sweet are missed more that you will ever know and you are not replaceable...not now, not never. We are heartbroken.


Jane said...

It's so sad to lose a beloved pet. I've never had a dog, but many cats. We recently lost both our elderly cat and her youngish housemate within a couple of months. She was just very old, but the younger one's death was very unexpected. Pets work their way into our hearts and become part of the famiy. Your tribute to your doggy is lovely.
Jane - Jacksonville, FL

Stephy said...

Gus truly was the best dog ever! I miss him so much! :(

Caren said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. We have a 13 year old MinPin who has lung cancer and we know he'll be gone soon. It's a horrible thing to have to go through and I don't believe people really understand unless they're REALLY "pet people".

You were blessed to have Gus in your lives. Thank you for sharing your sweet pictures of him with us.