Friday, July 11, 2008

Loving Fridays in the Summertime

It has just been one of those Fridays...nothing scheduled....rare and I love it....and the fact that is is summertime and it is a beautiful day...well I feel pretty relaxed and gently motivated to do my favorite thing...puttzing around the house and yard. It has also been a wonderful day for catching up on this and that.

Early this week I received the most lovely package from my Favorite Things Swap partner, Fiona. I am totally in love with the purse organizer she made...Fiona lives in Australia and I live in Oregon. Cool! Check out her fun won't be disappointed.

I also took some green photos to add to the Shades of Inspiration fun. I took a photo of a precious ~green~ birdhouse that my friend MaryJo is giving to her sister and she has asked me to build a gift basket around this darling house for a bird....I will have fun doing so...and if I am sucessful...then happiness will be in the air! Cha~cha~cha!
Happy Weekend ~Smiles

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Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Thanks for stopping by. I didn't even notice your big deal to me anyway.
I am sprucing up that area as I type......well maybe not right this second, but that's been my focus. We're not that far away from each should come help me, you look like you an amazing style.