Monday, July 21, 2008

~ Boxwoods ~ No More Needs To Be Said

But....of course....I will say surprise there.

I just ran into my ol' friend Chris. I have known Chris for years and years. We used to do these over~the~top staff luncheons for the teachers at our kid's school. We would cover the tables with quilts and bring in bunnies and baskets and old suitcases and flowers and bird houses and little chairs and more quilts and tea pots and have the food spilling out of these was a total blast and the staff were so charmed by the whole sha~bang.....ANYWAY...Chris was telling me about her landscaping redo and the English garden of it all......and I said..."Boxwoods!" and she said...."I got it sister"...or something like that. I told her about alllllllll of the boxwoods that we planted around our home 11 years ago and how much I love 'em.....I told her that I would blog about them....I dashed home and here I Chris....this boxwood love is for you ol' friend!

Smiles ~ Ramona


Anonymous said...

WOW...I was 'blogged about'! It was soooo super seeing you today Ramona. As soon as I'm back from Cali I'm having you over to see all the shabby white furniture I've been finishing (lots of pcs.)and I'll get my blog going. At least we can read each others! Love yours,I've been reading all the old ones. That blog I told you
It's a great one. Take care and hugs.....Chris

Ramona said...

Great to see you too! Have a fun and safe trip and I look forward to our visit when you return.

Smiles~ Ramona