Saturday, August 9, 2008

Oh The Ways I've Been Inspired

I have found many creative soul~mates out there with whom I have felt a strong connection with and when the creative dance is over I have come away with a bit of their artistic mojo and lovingly used a bit of it in our home.

Let me present and thus give credit where it is totally due ~ I am a better and happier creative gal having known them....Amen.

Courtly Check

Victoria & Richard MacKenzie~Childs

I have always had a "thing" for when I discovered the wonderfully, whimsical Victoria & Richard MacKenzie~Childs many moons ago...well that was it for me. I will blog extensively about this super cool and over~the~top creative duo in a future post...they come from another planet and that planet's name is "Creative"....check them out here.

Please note my respectful nod to this wonderful couple.

Really, really large glass canisters...yeah baby!

The Barefoot Contessa
Ina Garten

I saw these on Ina's Food Network show and that was it for me....canister love! These bad~boys are gigantic and extremely useful. I love them. And believe me when I tell you that we eat all of that oatmeal in one really does lower cholesterol....but I digress....I discovered these at my BFF...can a store be a BFF? Okay, found them at Target. Best part...the Target price.

Be sure to check out The Barefoot Contessa at her lovely website.

Cool Italian Country Wall Treatment

Kitty Bartholomew

I saw this treatment demonstrated on the old HGTV's beloved Kitty Bartholomew: Your Home. Good golly I miss that show. It is joint compound mixed with straw and tinted with universal color tints. I applied this to my dinning room wall and the powder room as well with a spackle spatula. Took forever....totally worth it!

Charming Family Signage

My Creative Pal ~ Robyn Leonard

Robyn Leonard is a wonderful artist and talented painter. She is a fellow Mom in my daughter's class...I met her six years ago and she never fails to amaze me. The first time I entered her home for her daughter's birthday party...I knew I was blessed to know her. She displayed a wonderful "FAMILY" painted sign over her fireplace....don't know if she painted it or not...but I went right home and painted my own and it has sat over our family room fire place from that moment on....cha, cha, cha. For a creative treat check out her fun website here.

Well, I feel better now that I have given respective credit where it is respectively due. It takes a village to keep the creative juices lucky we are to have so many villages to visit.

Smiles ~ Ramona


Ms. Tee said...

What fun stuff! I love all the checkered things. :)
I especially like the "family" sign.
Oh, and I do believe we share a BFF in Target!

Merrie. said...

I love the stars and the big ole canisters; I will have to check out Target!!! Wa;lMart has them but I am mad at them right now, so I try very hard to shop elsewhere as much as possible! :) I am adding you to my favorites! Thanks for your nice comments at my blog; I hope you will visit often! Iwill be back here!

Hooked on Houses said...

I love checkerboard patterns, too. I had a checkerboard floor in my first kitchen and I still miss it. I'm thinking of putting it in my mudroom here. I think it's so cheery!

Whatever happened to Kitty Bartholomew? I loved her! What was that daytime show she was on with Gary Collins? I watched it every day for years and now I can't remember what it was called.

HGTV needs to bring Kitty back!! -Julia

Ramona said...

I am right there with ya ladies! Checkerboard is so wonderful that is should be considered the name of a know....white, yellow, black, green, and our favorite color: checkerboard!
Yes, is very cheery.

I think that show Kitty did with Gary Collins was called "HOME"...I think...It was a great show...and yes she needs to come back!

Smiles ~ Ramona