Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Paint, Sweet Paint...Thy Name is Delight!

It has to be said....I love to paint. I have never been as good as my Mom or my Sister....but totally inspired by them....that is a blessing that I am grateful for. I must remember to list that on my Sunday Gratitude list (note to self).

Yesterday, I spent the day painting....but more importantly, I spent the day loving what I was painting. I felt inspired and creative ALL DAY. I get so lost in the paint and wax and brushes and pencils...I really do lose the sense of time and what day of the week it is. So today I must master my camera....FOCUS!!!...and post these yummy little works on my Etsy site. All I want to do today is PAINT and spread wax over that paint and repeat....but I must get out in the yard a bit too....I have having a good day and it is only 6:30 am! Here is my prayer: Thank You.

Have a good Tuesday everyone!

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