Friday, February 22, 2008

Sweet Friday

I can almost feel it....sweet, sweet Spring. I am, for sure, a fair weather gardener. It is kind of sad that the temp must be above 60 degrees outside for me to get out there and do my thing in the soil. If my toes are cold, forget it! However, I do think that today, yes folks, TODAY, I will get my ol' buns out there and dig a patch or two. I went to Home Depot bright and early yesterday and bought two bags of bark dust. I will, yep, I WILL spread those said bags today, that's right, TODAY. I know how great it will feel to do this. And....I love the smell of fresh bark dust! It is kind of nuts, but my roses have continued to bloom all winter....not a lot, but some. We have had some down-right chilly days and snow off and on but not really sticking around too long....if it ain't going to snow then bring on Spring. I will trim those roses and the hydrangias this weekend and turn the soil over under those puppies and then watch....we'll have a late Winter snow....whatever, I love it when it snows!

I haven't been idle indoors this past week. I have been painting my little fingers to the bone. Loving every minute of it. I will put my goodies up on my Etsy site this weekend. I have been painting on fabric too....gonna make some buckwheat hull pillow for the site....I have been making buckwheat hull pillows for years.....they are so earthy and cool and crunchy and very different. Love 'em, love em', LOVE 'EM!

My cold, that was almost gone....has come back for round two....and I give, it wins! I have lost my voice and am on a diet of green tea and lemon cough drops, yum. The body aches are gone....and I sound very soul-ful when I talk...quite delightful I'm sure. Ha. Well...I am just rambling on and really should be rambling on down the road to my yard....I am sure that I will find many things to be grateful for out there and post them Sunday...until then, may you find a little piece of sunshine in your corner of the world today....Happy Friday good friends!

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