Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Gratitude Ten

Beginning today this will be my first posting of Sunday Gratitude Ten. An online list of gratitude from the past week. After my pity party from my last post....I decided to snap the heck out of it and get on with it! So friends here I go:

My Sunday Gratitude Ten

1. A somewhat warm and sunny weekend
2. A pantry and fridge full of healthy food and plenty of it
2. All of my "kids" were home this weekend
3. We "all" sat and ate together...twice!
4. The most gorgeous sunrise on the way to take Abbie to school this week...Jesus
Paintings...we call them
5. My hard working, fun loving husband
6. The sweetest Valentine card from said hubby
7. A warm and safe home
8. Watching a extremely large bird taking a bath in the bird bath outside the window
9. Good friends
10. Having enough

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