Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What's for Dinner?

Well....lets see....it is raining and a tad breezy and maybe gonna snow tonight...sounds like soup-time to me. Though....I really do feel like bbqing something...I think that it would take the edge off of the fact that we are deep in winter. Something for dessert is needed too....last night we made individual apple crisps....total YUM. Really buttery and cinnamony and sweet with vanilla ice cream to cut that sweetness just a bit....delish!

I have been deep in it today making pincushions for my Etsy shop. I tried my hand at beeswax....totally cool...so to speak. I was lost in beeswax-ville all morning...the creative juices just started flowing....big time and I could not walk away!

I hope that you enjoy these little cushions as much as I enjoyed making them. I only finished two....but, more important, I became friends with da wax-ola! Yippie-ki-whop-ta-do...and cha, cha, cha.

I hope that all ye out in blogland have a great Tuesday....tomorrow is Ash Wednesday....it seems to come around as quickly as Christmas....shocking, I know...smile. Ta, ta for now.

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Anne-Marie said...

Hey Ramona! Steph sent me the link to ur site and I absolutely love it! You are so darling! Keep up the good work you clever gal you!!!