Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hickery, dickery, dock...

Clocks are wonderful decorating accessories. I have placed one or two in every, and I mean every room of our home...I always have decorated this way. And, do you want to hear something funny? They are all set at different times and I know how "fast" each clock is.

I don't know who I think I am fooling and when it comes to moving the clocks forward or back I worry that my husband is going to set one of those clocks to the right time and I won't realize it. The only clock in our whole house that is set to the right time is the microwave! The clock above the back door is 7 minutes fast, my watch is 4 minutes fast and the one in our bathroom is 15!!! minutes fast. That one is my favorite. I guess this is may way of always keeping my family guessing...or....I might be a bit of a control freak! Oh my!

I love really large clocks. I have even made some in the past. I was tickled when I found a source for really, really, really large clock hands! Happy clockmaker me! I also LOVE this baby grandfather clock I found years ago at an antique show. Someone had taken the "clock innereds" out of this puppy and put chicken wire on the doors and shelves inside and now it is living out the second part of it's life as a super duper cool book clock love from me to this sweet time piece.

Tick, tock, tick, tock....time to dash....I think....I am not really sure what time it is....Smiles.

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