Wednesday, April 2, 2008

August Henry ~ A.K.A. The Coolest Dog Ever!

August Henry, born April 1, 1995...our lovable Gus! Beagle extrodinaire! I am sure that you heard....a beagle won Best in Show this year. And as you all know, the totally rad "Snoopy"...a beagle too! Yep, our Gus turned 13 yesterday. He is an old man...snores like one too. He is beloved in our family. He is even loved by our cats. His stride is much, much slower and I am sure uncomfortable these days, but he has a look in his eyes that tells me that in his mind he is a puppy. He still chases those he can steal their food...he was here first and no cat in this town is gonna forget it! Arf!

If you know anything about beagles, then you know that they know, a long doleful cry whenever we come he thought that we would never return....but how could we not...Gus is the best dog we have ever owned. He can be a major pain in the rump~ola from time to time and time again...BUT, that face, that howl....well I ask you...what is not to forgive?

George Carlin said once..."...your life is a series of dogs...", well so far, our dear Gus has been the best in our series! Bow~Wow and Happy Birthday o' Boy!

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