Wednesday, April 30, 2008

White Towel and White Napkin Love ~

While doing laundry ~being in the moment~ folding my tenth white washcloth....I realized that I have a serious case of white towel and white napkin love....oh baby, I got it bad. There are sweetly folded white terry cloth washcloths...standing at attention in little baskets hung by the kitchen sink. Under my kitchen island are stacks of hand towels...folded in thirds and piled high ready to mop up a mess, cover the counter when I cook or absorb moisture from drying dishes or more importantly...tears from my daughters eyes. Neighbors with those hand towels is a chubby little basket filled with folded white cotton dinner napkins. We don't use paper napkins in our house...never Mother never did either. In our bathrooms....yep, large white bath on top of the one before.

What I love about all of these white towels and napkins is ease of care, the way they look...really, really clean...and completly functional and practical. I purchase the washcloths, hand towels and bath towels in bulk at Costco. The quality is very nice and super easy on the pocketbook. I find the cotton dinner napkins at The Home Store....these I love, love. That is a double love for those fat quarters which are so lovingly hemmed. What a silly gal am I.

I must go now....piles of white cotton this and that are patiently waiting to be folded and stacked and used and washed and dried and folded and stacked.......and so on and so forth and then some...Cha~cha~cha. Isn't it wonderful to find your ~happy place~ in the simple things of life?


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Ms. Tee said...

I am trying to go back thru and look at all your posts - I love white napkins, towels, all that, too! They're so cool and fresh and crisp and spa-like. :)