Thursday, April 10, 2008

...This Little Piggy Stayed Home....

I love pigs....almost as much as roosters. I especially love large cement pigs that are for ornamentation in the's what I do....I stick 'em in the know, the "unexpected". I love the unexpected a lot too...but we will chat about that in a future blog entry.

Pigs are great...they seem so happy to me. I have one that dangles from a bracket over the laundry room door....he looks kinda happy....but the chubby one in our yard, all mossy and damp...lying on his back....big belly and all...well, he seems the happiest of all. I always think of the pigs in our house as having male personas. I do not know why this just is. They also seem like they are either standing guard or hiding under the kitchen island or hanging high above our noodles like cute little pig angels.

Some other thoughts on pigs ~ they are charming and gentle, those three pigs really knew how to take care of each know, they had each other's backs....which brings me to my favorite way to ride... piggyback... and like the five toes on your feet pretending to be little piggys....sooner or later we all go wee, wee, wee, wee all the way home.

Have a cheery good day ~ Ramona

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