Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Gratitude Ten

What a wonderful week...and in Oregon, March came in like a lamb and is going out like a lion.....well has been snowing off and on all Spring Break week...and even though it is 35 degrees outside at the moment, a large robin still takes a bath in the bird bath....brrrrrrrr! Nope, there will be no smelly dirty birds flying around today, snow or no snow.

This weeks gratitude ten focuses on family. I am the oldest of three daughters. We are only separated by a couple of years and are all truly Scottish, Irish, Norwegian through and through...Amen.

My husband, Don...strong, very, very witty and very, very funny, loving, generous, supportive wonderful provider, handsome, he totally has my back, stubborn as the day is long and a great kisser.

My oldest son, Jeff...extremely funny, extremely bright, compasionate, courageous, industrious, handsome, loves his mother, and my miracle baby.

My oldest daughter, Stephanie..beautiful, smart, go-getter, gigantic heart, imagination galore, teacher, wonderful big sister, did I mention...beautiful, best friend, great style, and my girl for sure.

My youngest son, Matt...a total stud, soldier, brave...brave...brave, amazing sense of humor, a "Matty Daddy" to his baby sister, big heart, squared away...totally, loves his mother too, great head on his shoulders, artist, handsome and then some.

My youngest daughter, Abbie...our 40th birthday surprise, very bright, cutie pie, high morals, compasionate heart, flute player, our baby, joy, joy, joy, great smile, the heart of our family.

My Mother, soft place to land, beautiful, smart, and a smarty pants, funny, loving, wonderful mother, petite, creative, the one who taught me to cook, bake, sew, crochet, garden, love and how to be a good mother.

My sister, Connie...creative, artist, beautiful, fantastic gardener, very bright, extremely energetic, animal lover, good wife, good mother.

My baby sister, Michele...very artistic, wonderful with children, funny, and like her big sister...a total smart ass...thank God, helpful, great supporter of my blog (thank you), smart, very smart, beautiful.

Nine and Ten.
These last two are for my dear, dear Father, Tom..who passed away nine years ago. As I said in his eulogy, a piece of him is living on in the personalities of his six grand children. An amazing man, funny, friend to all and I mean all, oceanographer, sailor, veteran, handsome, loving, great salad maker, loved his work, loved his children, loved his grandchildren, loved his wife ~ my mother, one of the "good guys" gold standard.

Have a fantastic week ~ ta, ta for now dear friends.


stephy said...

I love you mom! And I love our family--and you have done an amazing job as a mother, I couldn't ask for a better person to look up to and to guide me as I grow into an adult. Keep up with the blog and your ETSY, it will continue to grow in success over time...xoxoxoxoxo

Stephy said...

PS. It's Gus's birthday, you forgot to mention him in the gratitude list...he is 13 today, or 91 in dog years. He is by far the best dog in the world. I hope he lives forever!!!