Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Story Goes Like This...

Well at least my story for the second part of my life. I had our first child, a son, at 25, almost two years later gave birth to our first daughter and then two and half years later our son with the cutest dimple on the planet...which does nothing to lighten his "baby face" factor. So along I went with motherhood....loving it, thinking that this was our family and when I pulled that last baby-proofing item from our home and clipped my last Valentine and when our baby, at the time, had finished the third grade with the best third grade teacher on the planet....well, we really thought that this IS our family...five of us...I even said to that greatest third grade teacher on the planet....and I quote: "You have been a wonderful teacher and our three kids are better people because of you...but, if you think that I am going to have another baby just so we can have you teach again....forget it" (I got a big ha, ha from everyone)....but guess what..I was pregnant with our fourth child and didn't know it yet!

Yep, our little Abbie-dabbie-do! Born five days before my 40th! And I am here to tell ya....what a blessing. We are a large and loud and blessed family for sure! And, I have said it before but it is worth repeating...I am NOT the oldest mom in the fifth grade!....But I sure do feel like the luckiest!

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