Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday Gratitude Ten

Okay, so here's what I'm thinking....there have been a lot of things to be grateful for this past week. So on with the list...and here's to a great week ahead with many a colorful blog entry.

1. That our eleven year old had a great bday party....and it was easy on us too

2. Wonderful lunch to celebrate my own bday with old friends....lots of laughter~charming waiter

3. Oodles of inspiration this week....lots of sketching and note-taking

4. Lots of beautiful weather this week

5. Exchanging emails with my dear old friend Deb....the best high school memories ~ ever!

6. That I am oozing with motivation

7. Daylight is lasting longer and longer each day

8. That it is warm enough to get out into the yard

9. That I have a yard

10. For every warm meal and every fresh piece of fruit and every glass of fresh water

A busy week sewing machine will be humming merrily along the threaded trail....all the live long day. Trust me when I say that there will be much glueing and painting and drawing and trimming and dreaming and stitching and blogging and be grateful for every minute of it. Have a wonderful week!

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Anonymous said...

Well, I think I might be mentioned in the birthday-girl blog! I feel like a celebrity now, posting on blogs and sending e-mail to Blackberries (tee-hee). I think we'll be hip Grandma's.