Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday Gratitude Ten

What a peace-filled week I was blessed to enjoy. Our baby turned 11 and her day was filled with lots of birthday wishes from classmates and warm sunny and beautiful weather. She had a good was fun to watch. Now on with my gratitude list.

1. Seeing yet another large bird taking a bath outside our cool

2. Watching our 11 year old enjoy a wonderful birthday

3. For the dozens of Boy Scouts in our neighborhood this weekend collecting goods for
Good apparently proud of their mission

4. For glimpses of early Spring

5. For the reminder that it is STILL Winter.....I love the cozy rain

6. For all of my inspiration this week to paint and sew and glue and bake
and cook and garden

7. For the gentle and open hearts of good friends

8. My insanely hard working husband that is always taking care of us

9. That I know how blessed I am to have this family and all of my friends

10. For the breath-taking "Jesus Paintings" sunrise this it, am grateful for it

Have wonderful week....March is here, March is hear I can almost smell the grass growing and bbq's smoking and the side gate entrance to the Home Depot garden area will be open soon....but until then, enjoy today.....late Winter and early Spring hold such promise....God Bless!

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