Thursday, March 13, 2008

Busy As Wednesday, Feels Like Friday...Must Be Thursday!

It is so true. You know one of those days when you are sooooo deep in it that you really have to stop and remember what day of the week it is...that's today for me. My mind is completely around the yummy little "this and that" that's percolating in my ol' noodle and at the same time....the Fam needs clean clothes and some healthy good food to eat and the gift of my sweet personality and a gentle place to land~you know, it is only fair, right? They are, after all, pretty deserving of my tender loving care and I am just the gal to give it to 'em.

My day would move along more smoothly if I would turn Martha off...I don't need another cutie pie Easter idea swimming around in my brain....I have enough of my own. Besides, I haven't finished the Easter ideas she gave us two and three years ago. Stop the madness!
However, it must be said, do yourself a favor this year and DO make "marshmallow peeps" found on Martha's family loved it. A lot of work, but a big-time memory maker...and you know me, I am all about making memories!

Well, I am off to hop on down my personal bunny trail and get posting some of my own Spring delights! Happy Thursday!

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