Monday, March 24, 2008

This Week Only ~ The Monday/Sunday Gratitude Ten

Happy "day after" Easter to all. Our day was filled with lots of chocolate, this and that, and a yummy meal with a "indoor" egg hunt as our happy ending. Yep, the good ol' Northwest...45 degrees and pouring rain...just made for a cozy indoor Easter...and thank goodness that a chocolate bunny tastes the same weather it is sunny or not.

As I puttered about the kitchen, preparing our holiday meal, I found myself working with gratitude ~ how blessed I am to work in such a "convenient" and "abundant" place. Happy Spring!


My fridge ~ Kenmore, Stainless Steel French Door...I love this fridge.


The "fire" sources in a modern easy it is to cook a meal...oven, stove, microwave...easy peasy!


A full pantry, freezer, fridge...


Fresh water, hot or cold, at the turn of a handle.


A dishwasher.


Recipes on the internet ~ I think of something I want to make, voila ~ yes, Google is everyone's friend.


The convenience of today's food....tomato sauce in a can, pre-cut broccoli, eggs in a carton and not under the chicken, in the coop, across the lot, in the know, all those feathers.


Did I mention ~ Refridgeration?


My stack of old stainless steel bowls, neatly stored under the little island in the middle of the kitchen, so easy grab and whip up a dressing or mix a batch of biscuits, catch a leak under the sink....our older kids even used the larger ones as sleds one Winter....I love those bowls, nothing fancy, just perfect in my kitchen.


Lastly, I am grateful that my kitchen is the ~ heart of our home ~ no mater what is going on, even an extended family get-together, everyone stands around in the kitchen...even when the chips and dip are in the other room....the kitchen is where they want to grateful am I...very!

Happy Monday to All ~

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